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Questions & Answers
1. Which apprenticeships does Deutsche Börse offer?

At Deutsche Börse Group, you may  currently train as an IT Specialist in the areas of “Application Development” or “System Integration”.

2. When is the right time to apply?

As soon as apprenticeships become available at Deutsche Börse Group, you will find them on our career website. As a rule, vacancies are advertised once the previous cohort has completed its first year of training.

3. What are the chances of being hired as an employee after training is completed?

We seek to offer employment to our apprentices once training is completed. The performance and commitment of each individual is of particular relevance for potential employment.

4. Is it possible to shorten the duration of my apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships have a regular duration of three years.

If you have completed the Abitur/Fachabitur or equivalent, the duration of your apprenticeship at Deutsche Börse Group is reduced to 2.5 years. You may apply for a further reduction after the first year of training if the average grade of your vocational school certificate is 2.49 or better.