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Graduate Trainee Programmes

Questions & Answers
1. Who may participate in the trainee programme?

The trainee programme is aimed at university graduates with a Master’s degree from all over the world. We look for excellent grades and preferably a major in business administration, economics, engineering, information technology or a similar field of study.

2. When does the trainee programme start and how long does it last?

Each year, the trainee programme begins on 1 October and 1 April, respectively, and is scheduled to run for 18 months. 

3. Where is my workplace during the trainee programme?

Your workplace can vary depending on the choice of your area. Currently we offer trainee programmes at Eschborn, Luxembourg and Cork.

During the programme you will have the opportunity to also get in touch with our offices worldwide.

4. Is it possible to apply for more than one trainee programme?

Yes. If you are applying for several programmes at the same time, please indicate your preference in your cover letter.

6. What does the application process for the trainee programme look like?

In a first step, you apply for the desired trainee position via our online application tool. Please upload all necessary documents including your CV, motivational letter, overview of grades, degree certificate and, if applicable, your employment references. After reviewing your documents, we will invite you to an interview with the respective department (virtual or on-site, depending on the circumstances). If we believe you would be a good match for us, you will receive an invitation to our interview day, which will take place virtually. Once the interview day has been successfully completed, we will send you feedback shortly afterwards and, if applicable, offer you a place on our Graduate Trainee Programme.

7. What exactly happens on the interview day?

The goal of the interview day is to get to know each other. We will provide you with further insights into the programme and you can ask any questions you might have. After we have introduced ourselves to you in detail, you will have two interviews with senior managers from your preferred area of work and another cross-departmental interview. Together with other participants, you will also work on a case study and present your findings.

8. Which language should I use in my application documents?

As English is our corporate language, we ask you to prepare your application documents in English only.

9. To whom may I address the motivational letter?

You can send your motivational letter directly to Jan Stromberg. Please remember that you can only apply for the trainee programme via our online application tool.

10. Which documents are required as part of my application?

Your complete application documents include your curriculum vitae, a motivational letter, an overview of your grades, final certificates and, if applicable, employment references. 

11. Can I apply for the trainee programme even if I already have several years of work experience?

If you already have several years of professional experience, you will find open positions in our job market that may better match your profile.

12. How can I be recommended for the trainee programme by an employee of Deutsche Börse Group?

Employees of Deutsche Börse Group can use our internal employee recommendation programme for this purpose. Please contact us for further details: trainee@deutsche-boerse.com.

13. Can I apply for the trainee programme as a non-EU citizen?

Yes, of course. In this context, please understand that you will have to bear the associated costs, e.g. for visa applications or a move.

14. What are my career prospects after the trainee programme?

During your trainee programme, you will gain various insights into the business activities of Deutsche Börse Group. A wide range of career opportunities are available in the different areas of our company. Together, we want to find the perfect match for your career path. In this process, we count on you to develop personally and professionally and, in turn, offer you opportunities to get promoted quickly.